Welcome to the pages of Nadine Felgentreff,
where INDIVIDUALITY is written in capitals.

Nadine Felgentreff offers you services as
  • gold- and silversmith,
  • face- and bodypainter,
  • creative head in all the other cases

We are unconventional thinkers as well as traditional craftspeople. This characteristic mix is a constant source of inspiration to us and does enable us to create the unusual.

If you like our works and want to know further more, than please do contact us. We're looking forward meeting and working with you.

Thanks for your time and please enjoy the pages of Nadine Felgentreff!


Currently there are no international trade fairs and exhibition planed. We will announce upcoming dates as soon as they are set. So please check regularly for news and also have a look on our events in Leipzig.

16. Sep. - Tag des Handwerks
Augustusplatz Leipzig

17. Sep. - community college course
please sign up with VHS Grünau
Mittelstraße 13a, Leipzig

28. Okt. - "make your on lanterns" workshop
with lantern procession and bonfire
please sign up with Janina Theiß

31. Okt. - creepy Halloween on the Felgentreff Hof
Mittelstraße 13a, Leipzig-Miltitz

04. Nov. - "pearls, jewels of the sea" exhibition
Mittelstraße 13a, Leipzig-Miltitz

04. Nov. 2017 - Tag des kreativen Hofes
our very own Design, Crafts and Arts market
Mittelstraße 13a, Leipzig-Miltitz, Germany
have a look on what we're up to